Welcome to the 52Air Wikia

Welcome to Fifty-Two Air Lines/Airways! We are a US-based Robloxian airline.


Before you proceed, you must agree that you will abide by each and every rule in the rulebook. These are not all the rules, but the very basic ones. Please click here to see all rules. We also have strike cards, which are given in case a user misbehaves. A block will happen on the immediate offense after the third strike.

Number 1.

Do Not Swear

Whether you're an administrator or a standard member, swearing is not allowed. Editing out the swearwords will NOT get you out of trouble. We can still see anything you post, and will check the history!

Why Not?

This wiki is mainly for young children, and their parents/guardians would not want to see anything inappropriate on the wiki. Keep in mind that we would like to keep it that way.

Number 2.

Do Not Vandalize

Vandalism is a crime in the real world, as it is here. Doing so will get you instantly blocked.

Number 3.

Do Not Impersonate Admins Or Moderators

Calling yourself an admin doesn't make you one, and neither does acting like one! You'll receive a warning on your first offense, and then the three-strike system, and after that, a block.

Latest activity

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