The Fifty-Two Fleet is useful for each and every flight scheduled: from our short-ranged Douglas MD-81 for short flights, to the double-deck AIrbus A380 for at least 10-hour-long flights, each one matters to Fifty-Two, in many different ways.

Airbus A319neo

The A319neo, in terms of range, is the longest variant of the A320neo family.


Coming soon.

Airbus A380-800

Our specific model has Rolls-Royce Trent engines, and should be referred to as the Airbus A380-841.

Boeing 777-200LR

Main article: Boeing 777-200LR

The 777-200LR has several unique features that set it apart from other airliners.


Long Range

Boeing implies the 777-200LR has held the record of completing the world's longest non-stop flight on November 9th, 2005. This is a benefit for it can be used as a substitute for other aircraft, which also fall into its category.


The GE90-115B1 engines powering the plane are more powerful, thus requiring less throttle, leading to less stress put onto the engines. At full power, the two engines combined produce 230,600 pounds of thrust, 9,400 less than an Airbus A380-841.

Fuel Efficiency

The GE90 engines have a high fuel efficiency, although they will be 10% less efficient than the upcoming GE9X engines.